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Unlock your fleet’s full potential

Our Strategic Consulting team will conduct a holistic strategic analysis of your fleet and make solid recommendations to achieve your company’s goals.

Every area of your fleet management will be analysed - policies and procedures, vehicle selection, contract duration, driver behaviour, safety, maintenance, incidents, environmental impact, fuel type, vehicle usage - with end goal of developing strategic initiatives that will reduce your total cost of fleet ownership.

We will use our suite of industry-leading analytical tools and our intimate knowledge of the fleet industry to assess your specific fleet information against industry trends and metrics, and peer-company benchmarking data.

Through this process we will uncover any opportunities for improvement and will work with you to create an achievable, strategic approach that will enhance your fleet’s performance.

Strategic Consulting approach

  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Review
  • Benchmarking
  • Contract Term Optimisation
  • Replacement Forecasting
  • Whole of Life Cost Model
  • Fit for purpose analysis
  • Own v Lease
  • Driver Behaviour Tracking
  • Telematics Benchmarking and Insights


As a leader in the fleet management industry, we are happy to share our thought leadership pieces to inspire and guide you through your fleet management.

Total Cost of

Understand all the costs involved before you make any vehicle selection decisions – taking into account how you operate them and how you fund them.


Need to set some usage parameters for your fleet? Download our step-by-step guide to writing a company fleet policy.

Since 2015 we have identified more than $100 million in customer savings for our Australian and New Zealand customers.

Strategic Consulting Team

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