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Technology connects us to each other and to valuable information.

At Custom Fleet, we are continually challenging the power of technology. We are unlocking its potential, pushing the boundaries to set new ones.

Custom Fleet’s technological innovations give you a 360 degree view of your fleet – connecting you to the vehicle, driver and the journey. This transparent view of your fleet informs decisions that will increase efficiencies, enhance productivity and improve driver safety.

Mobility Solutions

Maximise productivity by monitoring and measuring every vehicle’s usage.



Our advanced telematics tools offer you a transparent view of your fleet’s metrics, helping you make informed decisions to improve your bottom line.


Productivity apps

Prestart checklist
Tailor your digital in-car checklist so drivers can let you know in real time if anything needs attention.

Driver Safety

On road behaviour
Reduce accidents by up to 60% by monitoring driver behaviour. Focus training programs on at risk drivers while rewarding good, safe drivers.

Fleet Office

Streamlining fleet management

At Custom Fleet, we’re heavily invested in technology. It has the power to change our world. From the way we do the simplest things to the more complex, and the time we spend doing them.

We’ve drawn on our global experience of managing 1,000,000 vehicles to develop an online fleet management system that will change the way you manage your fleet. Fleet Office puts everything you need in the one place, and it’s so intuitive it will know what it is you need right when you need it.

Quoting and ordering are a breeze. Day to day management is streamlined freeing up time for more important matters. And the analysis component is comprehensive and powerful.

You can customise your Fleet Office experience to harness the power of your fleet.

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