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We are experts in fleet management services. Over the years we have developed and refined many tools and services to help you get the most out of your fleet. Our fleet experts can help you save time administering your fleet, manage costs, and provide forecasts and insights to make important business decisions.

A strategic partnership

Your fleet management plan is tailored to meet your business needs – so we’ll start by gaining a thorough understanding of your goals, operations, systems and processes. As one of the world’s leading fleet management specialists, we can help you to:

Manage your vehicles

Effectively manage your vehicles throughout their lifecycle – from acquisition to replacement and disposal

Save money

Save on fleet car pricing and in-life vehicle costs – we offer highly competitive fleet car pricing, maintenance and fuel, and can help you avoid additional or unnecessary costs.

Stay in control

Save time and stay in control, with reduced administration and streamlined reporting.

Fleet management services


Take the worry out of every repair by having all repairs and maintenance carried out through our Repair Authorisation Centre. Our team of qualified mechanics ensure only appropriate maintenance and servicing is performed - meeting industry guidelines.



Our FleetTrak telematics, track vehicle metrics like driver behaviour, fuel consumption, route efficiencies, out-of-hours usage revealing insights to increase efficiencies, enhance productivity and improve driver safety.


Driver Safety / Care

Manage driver risk with our interactive online coaching platform, Driver Care Plus, and Defensive Driver Training courses, covering practical demonstrations for both urban and rural/remote driving.


Roadside assistance

Our 1300 Driver Helpline is available 24/7 for drivers requiring roadside assistance.


PoolCar Sharing platform

Increase vehicle efficiencies and perhaps even reduce vehicle quantities with our easy to use, calendar-based PoolCar sharing platform. It streamlines the booking and management of drivers, vehicles and other mobile assets across multiple geographic locations and cost centres.


Fleet Card

Show the Fleet Card at more than 6,000 fuel outlets, and 9,000 motor dealerships and repair centres across Australia and all expenses will be collated onto a single monthly invoice.

Drive Lightly

This carbon management solution helps you manage and reduce your fleet carbon emissions (and potentially, your fleet costs) in three steps – vehicle selection, driver training and tracking.

Accident management

We help your drivers when they need it most – after an accident. Call us 24/7 Australia-wide for help with emergency calls, towing the vehicle, processing insurance claims, arranging repairs and organising a rental vehicle.

Hire vehicles

When contract employees, new hires, transferred employees or short-term projects need access to a passenger vehicle, use our convenient and flexible hire service that specialises in short to medium hire.

Acquisition and disposals

We’ll help you through the whole journey – from sourcing quotes, processing orders and arranging delivery through to achieving the highest value when selling the vehicle at the end of your lease.

Infringement management

Custom Fleet can assist in managing infringements from all issuing authorities. We can apply the incoming infringement to the specific driver that you nominate and have the statutory declaration issued in their name, thus reducing your administrative burden. Reporting on top infringements by type and dollar amount can be produced to manage driver performance.


We make sure your vehicle has a valid registration at all times. Our Registrations team will give you plenty of notice if you need to arrange any inspections to assist registration.


We can arrange competitive quotes for a wide range of insurances through our preferred supplier. Just ask.

Toll & Video management

Our toll and video management solution provides a simple and effective method of managing toll charges for your vehicles. We manage the whole service; reducing the administrative burden for your fleet stakeholders whilst providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions regarding this key aspect of your transport solution.

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