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Smart, tax-effective staff benefits

Novated Leasing is a proven benefit that helps you attract and retain the most talented staff – while also potentially improving business efficiency and saving on fleet costs.

It’s a three-way agreement between you, your employee and Custom Fleet that allows your employee to drive the car they want, using their pre-tax income to pay for lease and running costs.

Simple, affordable leasing

Novated Leasing with Custom Fleet helps employers to:

Reward staff

Using pre-tax dollars, your employees potentially pay less income tax. More money in an employee’s pocket offers greater flexibility – an attractive workplace benefit.

Attract new hires

Be seen as an employer of choice with the option of salary sacrificing a vehicle

Reduce administration on leased vehicles

We take care of it all and the vehicle is not on your balance sheet

Reduce lease risk

If the employee leaves the company as the responsibility lies entirely with them going forward

Make FBT reporting simple

Using our online tool, Fleet Office.

And there are many more benefits for your staff:

  • No GST on the purchase price and running costs of the vehicle
  • Payments deducted automatically from their salary, saving time on admininistration
  • Their choice of a brand new vehicle – it’s more affordable with Novated Leasing
  • Business and leisure trips are all covered in the agreement
  • Convenience with fuel, insurance, registration and maintenance and servicing costs bundled into a monthly fee
  • Easy to track expense deductions such as fuel costs for business trips
  • Peace of mind plan

Make Salary
Sacrificing easy

Our specialised systems and efficient processes combined with knowledgeable experts make it easy for you to offer Novated Leases as part of your employees’ salary packages.


Choose a Novated Lease with Custom Fleet and get access to special drive away offers.

Novated Leasing

We understand how to drive the best value with Novated Leasing. Find out more.

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General Manager, Novated Leasing
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