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Innovative technologies and collaborative, customer focused service

We understand your vehicles are an essential business tool. That's why we invest in the best people and the latest technology to ensure your fleet operates at peak efficiency.

& Innovation

Our technological innovations take fleet management to a whole new level - empowering you with intel to increase efficiencies, enhance productivity and improve driver safety.



Our strategic experts will conduct a holistic analysis of your fleet to inform solid recommendations that will help you achieve your company’s goals.


The full spectrum of expertise

Once we buckle up on your journey, we will stay with you for the whole ride – all the way from acquiring your vehicles through to disposing of them. Our team knows fleet management practices and policies, and can provide guidance and expert insight on every aspect including:

Telematics solutions

Financial and tax considerations

Vehicle policies

Vehicle choice and total cost of ownership

Fuel costs and efficiency

Environmental considerations

Vehicle Sourcing Optimisation / Solutions


Safety policies and duty of care responsibilities

Working with Custom Fleet, you can expect:

  1. Tailored solutions

    We tailor our fleet management solutions to reduce your costs, improve productivity and minimise risk.

  2. Long-term partner

    We’re here for the long-haul. We will continue to provide strategic insights and support at every stage of your fleet’s life cycle.

  3. Flexibility

    You can scale our flexible, agile services up and down as your business needs change.

  4. Complete service

    We offer all the fleet services you need, including leasing, fleet management, fuel cards, and novated leasing, for all types of moving assets.

  5. Valuable insight

    Accessing valuable fleet usage data through our intuitive Fleet Office platform will help you make smarter operational decisions.

We can provide a complete picture of how your fleet is performing now, and what it could be in the future.

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