Used cars for sale

Used Vehicles

Used vehicles

We have a large range of quality ex-lease cars for sale. With more than 1,000 vehicles sold every month you are sure to find used vehicles to suit your requirements.

We sell our vehicles through weekly tenders, fixed price and auctions. Interested in buying your car? In some instances you or your family and friends may be able to buy the car at the end of your lease.


To find out more enquire online.

Fixed Price and Auction

Our used cars are available for sale via Fixed Price and Auction. These vehicles are competitively priced, so if you are looking for a great deal on ex-lease cars check them out today. (Note: You will be dealing directly with Pickles Auction and Manheim under their selling terms and conditions.)

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Drive it, buy It

At the end of your vehicle’s lease you, your family, friends or colleagues may be interested in purchasing the vehicle. (In WA, buying the vehicle is only available to the current driver.)

Not only do you have the advantage of knowing the service and driving history of the vehicle but our very reasonable pricing may result in you saving thousands of dollars.

You can request a quote 8 weeks (or less) from the car lease end date. Vehicles are only available for sale on confirmation the current lease will not be extended or modified.

To request a quote please call 1300 880 406 or enquire online.

Used Vehicle Sales Enquiries:

1300 880 406

Monday to Friday
8:30am - 5:00pm