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Fleet Card

Fleet Card makes it easier to keep your fleet on the road.

It offers you an easier way to pay for fuel and servicing, and is accepted at more than 5,000 multi-branded fuel outlets and 7,000 motor dealerships and repair centres around the country.


It's just another way Custom Fleet keeps your business moving.


There are three Fleet card options that give you better cost-control – by limiting purchasing choices where needed.


These three Fleet Card products are available whether you finance your fleet through Custom Fleet or not*.

  • The fuel and oil only Fleet Card (Blue Card)

  • The fuel and repairs Fleet Card (Orange Card)

  • The fuel and vehicle repair authorisation Fleet Card (Gold Card)


It doesn’t matter if your fleet consists of cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles or a combination, Fleet Card gives you flexibility, control and value.



Fleet Card makes it easy

You only pay a single monthly fee and receive a single monthly invoice for all your fuel costs.



Driving efficiencies

With access to online reporting and card management services, Fleet Card makes a measurable difference to the way you manage your fleet.



Where is Fleet Card accepted?

Fleet Card is accepted at more than 5,000 multi-branded fuel outlets and over 7,000 motor dealerships and repair centres around the country. Find your nearest Fleet Card outlet.



The Fleet Card advantage


Fleet Card offers nationwide coverage. It is accepted at over 5,000 participating multi-branded fuel outlets, and over 7,000 motor dealerships and repair centres.


Effective reporting

We provide cost expenditure and exception reporting online, to help you manage your fleet more efficiently.


Centralised billing

A major benefit. All fleet costs will be billed on your monthly Custom Fleet Tax Invoice, so you only make one payment per month. This eliminates need for processing individual fuel and maintenance receipts.


Reduced administration

Fleet Card reduces administration costs by eliminating the need for employee reimbursements and the processing of individual service station vouchers. Efficient online facilities and service provided by a Custom Fleet representative will ease your administration burden.


Real savings

Save on fuel. With Fleet Card, your drivers benefit from the “best of” list price or pump price. Gold Card's repair authorisation service provides real value to your fleet by ensuring that only authorised repairs and maintenance are carried out on your fleet at Custom Fleet’s preferred pricing.


Online management and reporting

Fleet Card is a full online reporting system that puts you in the driver's seat. It combines user flexibility with ultimate control thanks to Key Access. Key Access allows you to maintain your Fleet Card account and access all your Fleet Card data from your desktop. You can also order and cancel Fleet Cards online and send driver alert emails.


Single monthly fee
When you choose Fleet Card, all you pay for the above benefits is a single monthly fee per Fleet Card.


* Subject to approval


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